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Burial Arrangements
Cemetery Fees
1) Schedule of Charges
• Plot Purchase (four spaces: $400.00
• Single Space Purchase (limited availability): $100.00
• Opening and Closing (adult or child’s grave): $200.00
• Opening and Closing (infant grave or cremation): $75.00
• Opening and Closing (non-city cemeteries with cemetery sexton approval): $500.00
• Surcharge for funerals scheduled after 4 p.m., weekends and holidays (if approved): $150.00

2) One plot will be made available from which single spaces may be sold.
The fees for a disinterment are the same as those for the opening and closing of a grave. The parties involved must utilize the services of a funeral home director and must obtain written permission from the Cemetery Sexton one week in advance.

Gravesite Rules
1) For headstones that have fallen in disrepair and for which no family may be contacted, those pieces will remain with the grave until such time as they are illegible and then they may be placed and set in a flat concrete form.
2) No trees, shrubs or permanent plants of any kind shall be planted unless by the Parks Dept.
3) Permanent Flower Containers:
    a. Three containers not to exceed the width of the grave site
    b. Containers must be constructed of fiber glass, concrete or metal
    c. Iron hangers must be moveable
    d. No glass, wood, or plastic containers allowed
    e. No container can exceed eight inches past the front of a headstone
4) Temporary Flower Containers:
    a. Temporary flower containers: Plastic or composite containers may be used with the consent of the Public Officer on special occasions for five days
    b. If not removed after five days, Parks Department will remove and discard.
5) Cut flowers and arrangements may be left on the grave for one week after the service, after which they will be removed and discarded.
6) All Memorial Day flower arrangements are acceptable, until June 8th, after which they will be removed and discarded.
7) No benches or statues shall be placed outside of the boundaries of the owner’s gravesite.
8) The minimum distance between two mausoleums shall be twelve inches.

General Cemetery Rules
1) All burials in the City Cemetery must be in a vault.
2) Indigent funerals: The city will provide a space in Potter’s Field and pay for the cost of opening and closing the grave.
3) Sunday burials will be allowed at the discretion of the Public Officer and may depend on the religious beliefs of the family.
4) Neither the City of Neodesha nor its employees are liable for any item placed on a grave.
5) Speed limit in the cemetery is set at 10 mph.
6) The city is not responsible for planting grass after the service is over. Should a family member wish to plant grass, the individual should wait until the grave properly settles the following Spring. The Public Officer should be notified prior to planting.
7) Type of burial allowed:
    a. One burial per space; or
    b. One cremation on top of an underground vault; or
    c. Two cremations per space; or
    d. Two cremations on a multiple space headstone.
8) Mounding of a grave is at the discretion of the Public Officer and based upon the time of season. Once the grave has settled, mounding height may vary but should not exceed four inches.
9) Temporary Markers are allowed until they become illegible or disfigured, after which they may be replaced by the Public Officer with a permanent concrete stamp set in the ground.
10) “Avenue of Flags” holders will be maintained by those who place them there. These holders must be flush with the ground throughout the year.
11) No items may be tied or placed in any tree in the City Cemetery.
12) The Public Officer retains final authority as to the appropriateness of displays and aesthetic quality of the Neodesha City Cemetery and shall make final determination, interpretation, implementation and enforcement of any and all regulations pertaining to the cemetery.
13) Cemetery or his or her designee shall be the Public Officer for the purposes of enforcement of these Cemetery rules and regulations.

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